Sunday, November 11, 2007


Oh my, it's been over a week!

This week was super busy. Here's the summary:

Monday: I worked really hard all day, because my coworker is going to be out for the rest of the month getting married (yay!) but I've been assigned most of her work. I didn't know the database testing would be so difficult, so I focused on getting my miscellanea done. My project management class was canceled, so I took the evening to to go the mall, exercise, and finish up my database homework. Believe it or not, there was nothing I liked at the mall. I'm on the lookout for flat black shoes (that don't resemble house slippers), brown sweaters, and brown tights. I can't believe how great it was not having class for just that one day. That means summer semester will be really great!

Tuesday: Was also my coworker's last day in the office. It was a pretty stressful day because I had to get in all my questions and still work! But, I had to leave early (OK, on time) to get up to LA for a group meeting. The traffic was so light all day it was almost unbelievable! I happened to get there a little early and saw my self-management professor in the hall. I have to say, I like both my self-management and database professors in totally different ways. My database professor can look at something and immediately draw a perfect ERD, and program the SQL for it faster than I can even figure out what it is! But my self-management professor is, I think, a very good psychologist and so laid back that I'd love to be more like that! Anyway, we ended up having a fairly unsuccessful meeting, a mind-boggling class, and I came straight home.

Wednesday: I spent all day testing, and going absolutely crazy because some of the things just weren't working. Plus, I had other work to do, and people calling and wanting explanations! I stayed late to catch up, but still had to leave because I knew I had a quiz and the traffic was only going to get worse the later I left. We did have a quiz, and I managed to get to class 15 minutes early, which was enough time to skim and memorize the important chapter. The class session was on meditation, and the professor brought in a yogi to lead the class. She also checked our auras on a computer - all but 2 or 3 people were yellow, including me. If we're all in class though, wouldn't we all be in a learning state of mind? It ended up that her classes were pretty expensive and I really do prefer the more athletic version of yoga. When I got home, I checked the patio because my mom had sent us a Halloween/Thanksgiving gift, and it arrived and was a great dinner/after class snack. And I don't even like popcorn!

Thursday: Still more testing. I did try to finish it up, and asked a bunch of questions, and felt pretty good by the time I left. I had gotten to work at 6:45 to get as much work in as I could and still leave by 3 to make my doctor's appointment. It didn't go well - that's a post within itself. I came home rather devastated and sick, and Andy and I watched TV for the rest of the night. I couldn't do much else! At this point, the week couldn't be getting much worse.

Friday: I got my answers and turned in my test plan in the morning. In fact, I got most everything done that had been hounding me. Things were going pretty well all day, I got to have lunch (for the first time all week!), and my friend and I made an early morning grocery run for snacks for our coworker's birthday. I even started reviewing the class offerings for Monday's registration. Then, at 4 p.m., I got an email that my group's test plans weren't good enough to be signed off on, and that meant next week's testing was going to be held up until it was fixed. All I could do was accept the meeting notice, and then left. It was the perfect end to a perfectly awful week. When I got home, I watched this weird but funny video (yes, that is what college was like!), did yoga, and then we went to Disneyland. We stayed extra late and even watched the fireworks show; something we rarely do. I bought my coworker a wedding present at the Disney store before we left. We were both exhausted and came home before the park closed.

Saturday: I woke up late for my all-day database review/help session. I didn't get to school until almost 11, and the review started at 10. I probably could have gotten the whole assignment done that day if I had just gotten up earlier. We also had a group meeting to hammer out some things, but mostly worked on the homework. I didn't finish because the session ended and Andy invited me to go go-karting. I've never been, and I have to admit by the time I got home I was feeling a little anti-social (programming with do that to you). When we got there, I almost didn't want to race. It seemed rather dangerous, I was tired, and it was pretty expensive. But our group decided to do just one race, and I figured that was safe enough. It ended up being really fun! I'd probably go again ... if it was less expensive. We then headed to the Tustin Marketplace for dinner at Buca di Beppo (instead of BJ's, which was insanely crowded ... and I have to admit, I like Buca better). After a super long and fabulous dinner, we all headed home. That was a much better end to a crappy week!

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