Monday, February 4, 2008


And his terrible, horrible, no-good very bad day.

  • This morning, got up. Turned on the 1/4 bath light, and it didn't work. Figured the lightbulb was out. But the bathroom light, alarm clock (mine is battery powered), coffee maker, etc. also did not work. No power, anywhere in the apartment. Took a shower by candlelight (not as lovely as it sounds at 6:15 am), got ready by early morning sun, and realized I was going to have to go to work with wet hair.
  • On top of that, it was super cold today.
  • Random emails regarding miscellaneous work that I don't need to be doing, and a rather ineffectual group mentoring meeting over lunch (and no lunch provided). Cornered by a close-talker that smelled like nachos. And really, I'm already following extensive mentoring advice ... how much more mentoring do I need?
  • Virtually no progress on my group project, for which I have very little time to work on because the due date was changed from Sunday to Wednesday. Why? Because enough students complained about wanting to watch the Superbowl. Also received an email from the university VP (on an unrelated issue) not wanting to perpetuate the "university of spoiled children" image. But, we can't make the students work during the Superbowl.
  • Accidentally left my soda bottle in the freezer without releasing the pressure, and it froze.
  • Attempted to open said bottle in the car, where it proceeded to explode. Everywhere. (Again with the cold & wet).
  • Cornered by two classmates who give me that skeezy, sleep with me or get me a job feeling, before a long and boring class.
  • After all of this, I don't think Andy really wanted to talk to me. Honestly, I wouldn't either.
Guess we'll try again tomorrow ...

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