Sunday, February 3, 2008


Dear Ikea,

First, let me just say, I had a great time visiting the Carson store yesterday. I'd been looking forward to it for since before Christmas, but waited until this weekend because I like really investing some time there. Sure, I get the worst vertigo on the open escalator and almost threw up my frozen yogurt all over, but really that's my fault, as I could just as easily take the elevator. And, I couldn't have been more pleased to walk out with the exact poster-sized frame that I wanted, an adorable candle set, .59 cent 3-piece kitchen set, and glass bottle for just $19. I spent twice as much for less at Target next door.

Anyway, I had quite a few reasons for visiting. Most importantly, I wanted to check out some items for our wedding reception centerpieces and favors. And I know I'm not the only future bride hitting up Ikea for these things, because we all know it's the place to find really classy, stylish things at a price affordable for 120 or so guests.

I couldn't help but notice that it looks like you guys have picked up on this. I mean, silk flower petals, artificial arrangements, and a huge variety of vases? The .79 cent glass vases with a single flower in them would make really cute favors.

So, why, oh why, do you not have a wedding registry?? Andy and I are simple people; we've registered at some typical stores but Ikea is really our favorite. I'd much rather one of your lovely bedding sets for the same price as a single place setting at a department store.

I saw on a ... ahem, gothic ... couple's website that they'd registered at Ikea but only in-store. Why no online registry? I'd much prefer that, because I'm people phobic.

I know wedding registries are probably not de rigeur in Sweden. We're a bunch of crazy capitalists over here in the US. But if you could go ahead and offer an online/in-store wedding registry in the next six months or so, I'd close every other one and tell our Missouri and Nebraska guests to suck it up.

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