Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

I'm spending it in an all-day meeting at work, and in class tonight. Not very romantic. :(

For this Valentine's day, I went the DIY route and made truffles! (OK, and bought flowers. But I didn't plan ahead enough to make those.)

Pictured, front to back: Kahlua flavored; rolled in cocoa; with an after-dinner mint inside; covered in white chocolate. Can you believe my camera has a "food" setting??

They're actually just as easy to make as the websites say. I used this recipe, but I forget where I found it - I reviewed about 8 different recipes. Whoever's it is, thanks! And don't pay any attention to those who said they didn't set well; mine came out perfectly.

1 12oz. package semi-sweet chocolate chips
3/4 cup sweetened condensed milk
pinch of salt (oops, I forgot that!)
1 tsp. vanilla
Melon baller

Melt everything together (I recommend in a glass bowl in the microwave; I further scratched up my pot). Refrigerate just a little while, maybe an hour or two, and ball away! Best if you run the melon baller under warm water, and your fingers under cold.

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