Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Yesterday I got my April Disney half marathon newsletter, and it was once again full of information totally useless to someone who can drive to Disneyland the morning of the race. Yes, I know it's time to start training. No, I don't need a hotel or plane tickets to get there.

But there was this interesting little Danskin sidebar that caught my eye, only because I've been a fan of Danskin stuff since gymnastics in grade school. And, they sell some good workout clothes at Wal Mart now.

And I thought, "Self, you couldn't do a triathlon. You can't even spell triathlon. {I can now though.} Sure, you could probably bike 12 miles. And yes, you can definately run 2 miles. But you can't swim. And you can't do it all in one day. Drop it in the calendar, and do it next year."

I clicked on the link. Class was pretty slow, anyway.

And the more I sat there, the more I thought, "maybe I could swim that far." And how many people can say they jumped in the California Adventure lagoon and swam across it?? Much less the number of people who have completed a triathlon, albeit a sprint. And they made it sound so friendly - it's for women only, if you get tired or scared, you can hang out on a buoy or kayak, they even mentioned not worrying about being a "Glamour don't."

So, here I am, signed up for my very first triathlon in only 2 months. I really, really need to be stopped.

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