Friday, May 2, 2008

This one goes out to Sam.

Sigh. I wish I'd just bitten the bullet and bought this back when they still sold them. Of course, they were only sold way back before designer purses were all the rage, and I thought it was stupid to pay $100 for something like that. Although, at the time, I gave in and bought a wool pea coat, because those were a Chicago style staple as well as Ms. Spade's bags. Little did I know, the perfect purse is totally worth that much, at least . I know, I know, I have the exact same bag in pink. But I'm afraid to carry it, because the straps are getting dirty (and nearly impossible to clean), and now that I'm almost finished with the degree, I feel somehow ... undermined ... by my affinity for the color.

I've even trolled eBay for one. You wouldn't believe how much they're going for! Sigh ...

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