Monday, May 19, 2008

Wow, and what a weekend.

Friday, of course, was the going-away party. Since that went pretty late, we didn't get up any too early Saturday. By the time we did, it was super hot. We went for lunch at Chik-fil-a because we'd gotten coupons in the mail. It was really good, and the people that worked there were incredibly fast and nice. It was almost a surreal for a fast food place. Then we went over to Redondo, only to discover that most open houses are on Sunday. So many of the places looked far out of our price range, but we stopped and toured one condo that was absolutely beautiful. I think we both loved it enough that we could have moved in right then ... but, alas, the credit crisis is hurting even us responsible people. The realtor was a riot, and gave us a handwritten recipe for a Chinese mix of cereal that's supposed to reduce your blood pressure and help with constipation.

We came home and started grocery shopping at Sam's, and stocked up on wine and filet mignon, then took a nap. It was so hot, it was impossible to stay awake. But, we headed over to the new Fresh & Easy for the rest of our groceries, since we had a coupon for that also. What an experience - it certainly wasn't a full grocery store. They did have a lot of nice looking meat, and a stand giving away all kinds of snacks. On the other hand, I needed to go to the ATM, which they didn't have, and they only had self-checkout that obviously wasn't calibrated. At all. It was angry we used our own bags, we had to have the attendant unlock us each time we scanned something, the coupon got stuck in the reader, you can't use your credit card without having to be unlocked by the attendant for anything over $50, and even though they carded me, they neglected to take the security cap off the Kahlua and it looked like we were trying to steal alcohol. Won't be back!

We spend the rest of the night drinking cold white wine, eating filet mignon, and watching the Office. I think it was the season finale; I'm so disappointed!! (But, I won't spoil it if you haven't seen it.)

Sunday was Korean barbecue day with some of my classmates. Andy got to meet them, and my friend's adorable baby (who's a model now!), and I got filled in on all the gossip. Really, quite a bit of drama in graduate school. Afterward, we went back to Redondo to look at a condo, but ran out of time to see any more. We came home, did laundry, ran, and tried to stay cool the rest of the night (unsuccessfully). Why is it always cool during the week, and miserable during the weekend?? I guess to make us look forward to work, and the free and effective air conditioning...

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