Thursday, November 6, 2008

A couple of weeks ago I saw three movies in the theater in the span of one week. Thank you discount work tickets!!

I really wanted to see this. We went to the very last showing at our local theater at about 10:30 pm (which I am otherwise not keen on because of the neighborhood). The reviews weren't good, but you know how that can be - and anyway, the trailer was so funny! I could not have been more disappointed (or disturbed). There were only one or two really funny parts. For the record, I don't remember if I liked Fargo. I only remember they fed someone through a wood chipper.

I did not want to see this. I just wanted to go out with everyone and escape some school stress. Maybe I'm just getting too old for this kind of movie - although no one I went with seemed to think the same. There was more eye-rolling than laughing, and the only thing I really liked was that it kind of reminded me of Illinois and the Amish town south of school. I mean, honestly? Do 18-year-olds act like this? I sure didn't, and no one I know did.

Out of all three I liked this one the best. It was a little scary at some points, but otherwise very exciting. They really put a lot in to the visual aspects. But it sure does snow a lot in New York! Anyway, this isn't really my kind of movie, but maybe my expectations were really low given the other two. By the way - is this a comic book? Is Max Payne a superhero? I thought I saw something about a video game somewhere, but it sure did have that comic-book-on-screen kind of look.

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