Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Last week I needed shoes for my Halloween costume, and more importantly, a pair of brown shoes for general work-wear. I basically have a pair of shoes in heels, flats, and boots in either black or brown and just wear them in rotation (how exciting, I know).

So I went to Payless with a friend of mine since I just wanted something cheap - shoes just don't seem to last very long for me. OK, it's probably because I wear them in to the ground. Anyway. They have so many cute shoes right now, and I've been looking for so long! I ended up with a few pairs, but these are the real winners:

That's right. Green shoes. These were the ones I got because they just went so well with my costume, but they've worked out in more ways than just that. They have a really ... um ... sturdy? heel, just a little padded for the balls of your feet, and oddly enough, they match with everything I'd normally wear my brown shoes.

Payless is always hit-and-miss with me. Sometimes I find shoes that I like that are just horrible; uncomfortable, ugly, and not worth it. And then sometimes there are these. So go buy green shoes!

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