Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here we are at week #3 of cake decorating!

I made a plain white cake without filling this week. With all the other things going on, splitting and filling a cake seemed like an extra unnecessary step. Especially after making four different frosting colors. It came out really well, although next time I should read the directions, pay attention, and use egg whites. It was a little creamy colored rather than super white.

This week's theme was a baby sweater. Not very exciting, but if you had a baby shower to go to, it would be pretty cute. Maybe it would be neater as a sports jersey.

We cut out wax paper templates and laid them over our crumb-iced cakes. Really, it was just a matter of cutting out little triangles on each side and a small semicircle from the top. Then it was on to decorating! I really like decorating with the tips and bags. I'm not an artist, but drawing with the right tip really makes a world of difference.

And there it is! You can see that we even decorated the sides, but not the bottom or arm holes. They were very particular about us not icing where the baby would be sticking out.

On the left side of the sweater is a rattle, and on the right is a little flower pattern of my own creation.

They all came out so well! My coworkers are really starting to appreciate weekly cake. Next week's cake is a doll's dress.

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