Thursday, May 21, 2009

So I bought a nice, shiny new car. It has new car smell. No paint peeling off. No worries about mechanical failures. I am pleased with it.

A couple of months after I bought it, I got a survey in the mail. Complete this survey, and enter to win $6,000 worth of car payments! I know the odds of winning are small. But I would be so super happy to win, so I fill out the 100+ question survey. I could do it online, anyway.

Another one comes. This one is JD Powers and they send me $1. They also send me a reminder postcard and I remember a guy from JD Powers speaking in one of my classes once. I don't have a whole heck of a lot going on; I fill it out. It's in the name of research!

Another one comes. No bribe. Didn't really enjoy the first two. If you can print the exact type of car I bought on the survey, why do I need to fill out little bubbles asserting that yes, this is a newly purchased car of certain make and model? Trashed.

Another one comes. $1 bribe. Trash.

Another one comes from Maritz. Trash.

Survey companies: you are wasting your time. Stop sending me useless identical surveys!!!

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