Monday, May 18, 2009

The big news today is the earthquake last night. Which means I still have that general feeling of unease that comes from having the earth move unnaturally underneath you and nowhere to go to escape it.

We'd just gotten home from dinner and were going to settle in and watch the last of this season's The Office. It started off feeling like the way the building always shakes when a truck goes by, except it got much worse very quickly. Five to ten seconds tends to feel like 15-20 minutes, at least to me.

We went outside and downstairs and I sat down on the ground. I think I must have felt one of the aftershocks, but they were small in comparison.

Oddly enough, the center was right near the airport where my parents were staying. They'd left hours earlier. Even stranger is to tell people at work that, actually, my parents have felt earthquakes in Missouri before.

If that's a "light" earthquake ... whoa.

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