Monday, May 25, 2009

Twice Baked Potatoes

Last weekend we were invited to an impromptu barbecue, and signed ourselves up to bring a potato and a dessert.

I forget where I got the idea for twice baked potatoes. I will credit my lovely husband for it.

The thing is, these are painfully easy to make. Sure, the baking takes a while, but have you ever had a bad twice baked potato? Of course not.

I hit up Allrecipes for this one again. It looked the easiest. Plus I got to break out the food processor. Yes, there are other ways, but it is a wonderful luxury to have in your kitchen.

The only problem here was that I thought they were a bit dry. Because I don't like sour cream and I don't like to use a full cup of butter. Even still, I'd say they were a success because our hosts kept the leftovers... and I made a lot.

And I still have about three pounds of potatoes left over. Expect more potato dishes in the future.

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