Friday, May 29, 2009

Tantalizingly Thai

You know that restaurant five minutes from where you live, that you've never tried, but always tell yourself you should?

I literally run by this restaurant almost every time I go out. See that sidewalk to the left in the picture? That is the view I have almost every other day. I usually don't look in, since it's too dark to see, but the patrons get a nice view of me all sweaty while they're eating. Yum.

Oddly enough, I was tired of cooking one night and the closest places in the Entertainment book were all fast food. What's more, we had both thought about Tantalizingly Thai that evening, so we took it as kismet and went.

I'm not a big Thai food person, but Pei Wei's is a favorite among my work friends. I know it's what Taco Bell is to Mexican food, but sometimes you want it, you know? Plus, there are usually a lot of curry dishes, and these are not my friend.

It's a little pricey, but I ended up with fried rice noodles with shrimp, and Andy went with green curry beef (and no, it wasn't green). I liked the rice noodles but was only meh on the curry for obvious reasons. Next time, I'd rather split an order of pad thai and an appetizer, because a plate was a lot of food for one person but juuuust not quite enough for two.

As for the reviews, I disagree with it being a horrible pit of a place (/exaggeration). The reviewer who talked about white people discussing the movie Sideways? At least on a Thursday night, that seemed to be the clientele. Except for the nut job yelling at the cars outside the liquor store in the next strip mall over. I'd go back mostly for the convenience factor. But if you're in the neighborhood it might be worth trying. And you should try your local restaurants too. Isn't it more fun to have a nice little place close by?

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