Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Marble Spice Picnic Cake

My new office does birthdays a la the Office: once a month. Since this was my first potluck there, I wanted to make something extra special.

I've had this recipe and a new pan for a little while and the stars had finally aligned. For the record, this was my first cake made entirely from scratch! And no, I did not bring an entirely untested recipe in to the office. I skimmed a little of the batters and made a mini-cake for us to have for dessert.

The spice cake half is basically gingerbread cake. This would be great for Christmas!

The smooth looking outside is from the cake release. Next time I'd double the recipe since pans must have been half-sized in the 1930s! Also, I'd use egg whites. This probably would have made it fluffier, and maybe people would have liked it better.

I followed the directions exactly (I lied, I didn't sift the flour. I used pre-sifted all purpose flour and I don't have a sifter anyway). I also frosted it with some pre-made Betty Crocker whipped vanilla frosting because I was short on time and don't really like seven minute frosting, personally. It would have gone great with coffee, but my little cake was competing against a chocolate full sheet cake, and apparently people don't really bring sweets but rather savories like cole slaw, veggie/fruit trays, egg casseroles. Fine! I brought the leftovers home. :)

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