Monday, June 8, 2009

Chicken Parmesan

I like SparkRecipes so much that I even have them mailed to me. Daily. (And I collect points for getting them so there's a little ulterior motive). Normally they're not something I'm interested in, but when I saw easy and relatively healthy chicken parmesan ... that one got saved. We're talking about 400 calories versus 1,090. Ew.

To start, I didn't have any Italian bread crumbs and was not about to run out and buy some. But I did have bread, and an awesome food processor, and "pizza spice." As far as I can tell, "pizza spice" is basil with a little bit of oregano. It came with the awesome magnetic spice rack I got for Christmas, so your guess is as good as mine. One touch of the pulse button and voila! Instant Italian bread crumbs.

I didn't squish my chicken and the coating process was a little messy. Nor did I cook it in butter; I used olive oil spray. I actually kind of missed reading the cook-in-butter part.

This pan is too small, Goldilocks.

It took a little longer to cook because I didn't flatten out the chicken. Had I read the comments I would have baked it, but really cooking on the stove was just the same.

No daintily spread mozzarella on top for me. Full on slices on top, and underneath rainbow rotini. And a Chilean white wine to go with Bottleshock, the movie you can't escape when wine tasting in California. And rather cute, if you're in to wine.

Usually even my worst cooking comes out at the very least edible. In general it's good, if not pretty. However, when your husband mentions it more than once in the same week, you know that was something good.

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