Thursday, June 4, 2009

Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken

SparkRecipes is a collaborative kind of cookbook; anyone can submit a recipe for approval and any member can rate it. It irks me a little that there's no emphasis on low calorie, or low anything, but this is Web 2.0 for you.

So you can imagine how many recipes there are, their general quality, and number of ratings. Sure a recipe might have five stars, but it's typically from one person rating the recipe and that person is their mom.

Imagine a recipe, then, that has over 2,500 reviewers. And over four stars. And pops up randomly in articles because just that many people love it.

This is Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken. It's not a revolution in cooking; it's chicken, a taco seasoning packet, a cup of salsa, and a can of condensed soup (I hate sour cream) in a slow cooker. As we have a very nice slow cooker now, I'm anxious to "slave in the kitchen all day" with it.

Mmm, that looks tasty. Nothing at all like barf. Toward the top of the picture you can see where Andy discovered that the chicken pulls apart just like shredded chicken from your favorite Mexican restaurant. Yum.

You could eat the chicken as is, but we added cabbage, couscous, and whole wheat tortillas. I'm on some kind of whole wheat kick lately. And believe it or not, I'm coming to terms with cabbage. I recall having it and being horrified by the bitterness. This is not bitter, so it was probably just a bad experience. Plus I got to use up the chicken I don't like and break open the magical Sam's Club chicken. Seriously, I have not found better frozen chicken anywhere.

This is why you get a slow cooker. There are just so many possibilities here. Like adding beans and corn. Or my favorite, shredded beef. Or making an enormous pot for a work potluck.

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