Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Happy belated September!


  • Worked all morning. They're doing construction right above my head, so I didn't get any real quality work done. And, because it's the end of August, it's not a fun time to be an accountant.
  • Went to lunchtime yoga class. I'd read an article saying if you're hurting from running, you shouldn't stretch more and instead should get a massage. Since I'm anti-massage and pro-yoga, I went anyway. It was great! And I think it contributed to my being able to move more and more as the day went on. Although my knee was still sore, so I was extra careful of that.
  • Had the best little chicken sandwich between two mini pitas, hummus, and grilled zucchini. It came with a couscous salad that wasn't very good, but I ate some anyway. So much for watching what I eat! But I was really, really hungry.
  • Tried to work all afternoon, but things kept going wrong. And I had to drive up to LA. There wasn't much traffic, but the construction they're doing around school is a nightmare.
  • I'm liking my database class more and more. The project is going to be really hard though.
  • It took me a half an hour to even get out of the parking lot, around the detours and construction, and on to the highway home. MBAs can be really rude, especially behind the wheel of their BMW or Mercedes.
  • Came home and went to bed after looking at my Facebook updates.

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