Saturday, September 8, 2007


  • This morning, there was no sun coming in between the blinds. It was still warm in our apartment, but it looked dark outside. Sure enough - can it be?? - it was overcast!
  • Andy put some podcasts that he really likes on my iPod. I watched the Pinkberry song that a friend of mine posted on Facebook while they downloaded and synced, and then ran out the door.
  • Got up extra early because I had to stop by the store on the way to work. On the way I ogled a Mitsubishi Eclipse. I wish they were better/cheaper cars, because I really want one!
  • Going to the store near work is so convenient. I deposited my check, got cash, got Starbucks, and picked up some cookies for the woman who's moving this week. I know she likes treats, and they had adorable shortbread cookies with a big dollop of fudge frosting on top. Unfortunately, they didn't tolerate my rushing to work (and actually arriving on time!) too well.
  • I'm chipping away at my work to-do list. Before vacation I was keeping it on post its, but I've gone back to Outlook's task list. Anything to keep paper off my desk!!
  • Listened to Andy's Radiolab podcasts on the way to school. First was a show about the zoo, which was good except not during dinner. Then, on the way home, I listened to the love show. That was a little sad; it's kind of a downer to think about love as a chemical cocktail. I'd recommend listening to the podcasts, but I didn't particularly care for all the lectures in one night!

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