Saturday, September 8, 2007



  • Work, of course. We took my friend out for a "last lunch" before her move. But, we set up a weekly running date, so hopefully being responsible to each other will make us go!
  • I decided for dinner I'd try to make homemade fried chicken. Well - breaded chicken strips. I'd had this brilliant idea to use croutons, because we'd bought a 3 lb. (I know!) bag for a salad for a party earlier this year. I ground them up using a frying pan and mixed it all with egg whites. But, I didn't make enough, it didn't really stick to the chicken that well, and all the garlic butter flavor seemed to bake out. Andy is a good sport though, and said it was good.
  • We spent a good while doing laundry. The cruise really messed up our laundry schedule, so we had really full loads. I offered to do it while Andy was gone for the weekend on his hike, but once we were done I was really happy for his help.
  • I'm still a little down about the wedding business, so Andy suggested we go out and see Stardust. I liked it so much! It was a ridiculously creative story, and you didn't even notice how long it was because the time passed so quickly. We did have to suffer through about 5 fantasy movie previews that all looked the same, and the beginning of the movie was really confusing and just kind of ... disappeared. It even had a wonderfully happy ending, and I think we need more of that in life! But afterward, it was 2 a.m., so we went straight to bed.
  • Andy left early this morning, but I got up not that much later. I had some extra energy, so I went for a run that ended up being 3.5 miles. For fun. I think I have a problem. It was already pretty warm out, but I left a little bit after 11 and came back at 11:35. Not bad!
  • I had a little lunch before Andy called and reminded me we had to pick up our packets for the Nike race. Oops! He had to let me in to his email so I could save the special check-in bar code and take it to Kinko's to print out. They've really updated their computer use process, but I go to Kinko's about once every two years. After I had the emails I took them up to the Torrance Sport Chalet, which was the rush to begin with - we could pick up our packets later this week, but we'd have to go to Beverly Hills. For this race, they print the race number right on the t-shirt, and the women's shirts are fitted. So the woman at the pickup spot gave me the third degree - "They're running small ... you should try one on ... you want a small? You should really get a medium..." For the record, a small would have fit fine. But she was being such a ... not nice person ... that I just wanted to get away. I also picked up Andy's shirt, activated our chips, and got out of there as fast as I could.
  • Because it was such a long drive, I felt like I had to make it worth my while. The Del Amo Fashion Center is right across the street, so I thought I'd stop in. The mall is probably the biggest mall I've ever been in. It took me 45 minutes just to find my way in and out!
  • Came home, had dinner, said hello to my mom, and now am debating my to do list for the weekend:
    • Vacuum
    • Do my self-help class reading
    • Write my 2 page paper and powerpoint slides
    • Clean and box my long sweaters. They've been out of style a couple of years now, and I have enough beautiful jackets to wear.
    • Wash out the sinks.
    • Clean the kitchen floor.
    • Hand-wash some shirts that ended up with odd spots after being in the public laundry.
    • Do my program management reading.
    • Do my database management reading.
    • Visit Wal Mart for a couple of essentials.

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