Saturday, October 13, 2007


Today's been a surprisingly busy day!

Woke up and had pancakes for breakfast. Yummmmm! :)

Emailed out my notes for Critical Chain (finally). I also wished hard for the rain to stop, because my coworker's future brother-in-law was getting married in the park nearby... outside. With no tent. I know, I don't know them, but still, planning a wedding suddenly gives you a lot of sympathy for other brides.

Then, started messing around online. As you can see, the template isn't quite there yet. But after an hour or so of working on the background and trying out different colors, you can see where one may get tired of programming.

Also found while wasting time online:

These awesome British "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters from Oh Joy!. I may print one out to post in my cubicle at work - the story behind them is fascinating.

Clever, cute, and fun shirts from Shana Logic. I would totally wear this hat.

A lot of the bees like DailyCandy. I've checked it out a few times, but it just doesn't mesh with me. Plus, when you know not to check a total stranger's blog because you know they're on vacation, that's when you need to reach out to your non-virtual friends.

Reading the news + myspace before bed = horrible dreams about people you miss.

The rain cleared up! But I'm sure the ground was still soaked.

After that I was feeling a little guilty for not studying again, so I started flipping through my PM notes. After getting immediately bored, I spent about another hour drawing ERDs for database. I was tempted to try all of them that I could figure, but it's still hard for me to remember that I'm in a group of perfectly capable students.

I thought about going for a run, but instead made chicken and dumplings for my sick charge's dinner. It was fantastic but I felt guilty, and just did regular yoga. Still not wanting to study (and wanting back in the kitchen) I decided I'd make a half-batch of fudge, using the "family recipe." It's never worked, but I figured a half wouldn't waste much. It might have worked tonight, if I hadn't burnt it to a crisp. After much pouting and whining (so attractive!) Andy tried to say it was good (so not) but then found a variation online that might work. So I'm waiting for it to cool to 110 degrees, and it's taking forever, but looking promising. It's just a little thicker than syrup right now. I'll post the recipe if it works...

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