Sunday, October 7, 2007


The past few weekends have been really great. Very fun, very active. This weekend sucked, all because I was sick.

Friday I missed Oktoberfest, Saturday I missed our potential Temecula trip and the USC-Stanford tailgate (perhaps just as well!), today talking Andy into visiting Disney's California Adventure, and no running or yoga whatsoever.

Instead, I spent all Friday sleeping and studying. I did pay my $63 so the state will continue to allow me to drive, but with that and the plane tickets not showing up until the first of the month, I've got to be more careful what I spend. We went across the street to Islands for dinner, which just about killed me and my diet. Then, instead of going out (because after dinner I was on my last leg), we picked up The Lives of Others. I've had some time to think about it now, and it was definitely a good movie. Not the type I usually like, but I can still appreciate a good one when I see it. Although, it was very long, and I think I just passed out after.

Saturday I slept ... and slept ... and slept. I finished my project management homework, not without typos, and spent part of the day in bed reading Critical Chain. It. Is. Awful. But at least I was still working something off my list. I used our wonky banana to make muffins, but they came out really dry because it really takes two bananas to make a good muffin. We'd planned to go out for a celebratory dinner, since I couldn't make it Friday, but we ended up getting Chicago for Ribs (yum!) takeout and listening to the last few minutes of the USC-Stanford game on the radio (it wasn't on TV!). I did some database homework, wedding planning and ... can't really remember what else!

Today was laundry day. That was rough, but at least we got it done early in the day. Andy made pancakes, and I could have eaten about 50 but I didn't. Then spent the afternoon doing database homework, writing out some answers to the Critical Chain questions, and working the project management practice midterm. I also got to finish up the guest list! It looks like we'll get the chapel that we want, but now it's a matter of finding a reception site. They are all so painfully expensive! Well, not expensive per person, but the minimums make things tough. And while all that is important, I have this up to torture myself:

Who wouldn't love a $10,000 dress from the one designer who doesn't seem to have a California store?? I bought a copy of People magazine in June just so I could have a picture of this dress. Now, it seems, I just have to get my mom out here to look for reception sites and dresses.

So, I didn't even get everything I needed to get done this weekend. Why do I have so much homework??? Bleh. I need a snack.

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