Saturday, October 13, 2007

To Do

Here's the weekend's to-do list:

  • Go to the grocery store, for my caprese sandwich fixings and Von's chili. Did it! But I may need a trip back already for the things I forgot.
  • Bake foccacia. I'm going to try this easy focaccia recipe, maybe with some alterations, but I'd also like to try this garlic cheese flatbread recipe sometime also.
  • Run or yoga at least once each day.
  • Try to find the maker's mark in my engagement ring. This site might be just the ticket.
  • Study for my PM midterm.
  • Finish my SQL coding homework.
  • Start drawing ERDs for our group project.
  • Work at least a little on the blanket I've been knitting for years now!
  • Email my resume to the career center for approval.
  • Buy new sunglasses (my $5 Wal Mart ones are peeling and irritating my skin, and remind me how mad I am at them).
  • Organize my wedding inspiration pictures, and work out a comparable Google spreadsheet system to compare costs.
  • Get in to using Google calendar. I'd use it more often, but I don't care for any of the display gadgets. It has a lot of potential though. I did set up a week reminder for birthdays. Plus I don't really want to carry a calendar with me.
Next week:
  • Take my PM midterm.
  • Go to the first information session about my required international trip.
  • Go to the rotational employee meeting.
  • Return the bland, boring scrapbook I bought. I saw this one and immediately changed my mind.
  • Maybe go to the Bridal Showplace next Saturday.

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