Monday, October 22, 2007


It's windy, and hot. And it smells like a campfire outside - you can feel it on your skin and in your eyes. It's smoggy and I feel like I have a cold; my head is all stuffed up and I keep drinking water because it's so dry.

I think most people know about the fires in Malibu because of all the famous and rich people that live there. But there's also fires in Santiago Canyon, near Irvine where I'm in school. It really does look like this:

I'm inside now but my nose is still burning and I still have a headache. We, and our apartment, are alright because we're far enough in the city and away from the fires. But what a mess! I hope it gets cleared up soon, because the dust and ash really sucks.

You can see how it's blowing out to sea (and covering everywhere I usually go) in this satellite picture:

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