Friday, October 26, 2007


Stuff in the mail today:

  • I won a Ryka tee in the tennis shoe contest I saw on emilystyle!
  • My HMO seems to know that it's open enrollment time, because all of a sudden they have a newsletter to help me be healthy. It would help more if they could get my address right, so I'd have updated cards.
  • I got a postcard in the mail for $1.00 off Buitoni whole wheat pasta. Normally I wouldn't care, but you can also download a recipe book for free from the site (must register, but you could use a fake email because it will pop up off the site, not email). It inspired me to start a folder of recipes on my computer. It might be worth it for the white bean soup. But, as my mom says, if you get one good recipe out of a cookbook, it's worth it. My stained Betty Crocker cookbook must be worth it's weight in gold then!

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