Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Yes, the fire here is still terrible. It appears that all of San Diego is on fire. I can't imagine, but I've heard from people at work who actually have TVs and watch the news, that someone intentionally set some of the fires.

How could someone do this?

MSNBC has this map that includes Los Angeles. The fire that is closest to me, but still fairly far away, is the little icon over Santa Ana (it's actually in Irvine). It's eerie - we've hiked in Santiago Canyon. Malibu off PCH was beautiful when we took our day trip to Santa Barbara; we stopped at a Starbucks that is probably frequented by Britney Spears (she's in Malibu right??). The Pepperdine campus there was probably the most beautiful university campus I've ever seen. And we had a fantastic time in Temecula on an organized tour; that was the time that we both picked up a reception information packet, and we weren't even engaged yet.

I've read in the news people are comparing it to hurricane Katrina, and that is just not true. It is terrible, and it has devastated many people here, and it is very scary. But for the most part we're all going about or regular business. There is no devastation when we open the front door; no bodies in flooded streets. The San Diego area that has been evacuated is mostly wealthier neighborhoods, which is why people are choosing to stay in hotels. It's awful, but in a different way.

Thanks to my grandmother who offered us to stay with her if our apartment was on fire, and my cousin who checked in. It's very scary here. There is ash floating around everywhere, it's very dry, and the sun and full moon are orangey rather than their usual color.

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