Sunday, December 30, 2007


I have to admit, we spent plenty of time being couch potatoes. In total, we watched 9 movies, which should have us caught up from my past 5 months of isolation.

Start the Revolution Without Me: Eh. It had some funny-ish parts, but I fell asleep for about 20 minutes and when I woke up, it didn't seem like I missed anything.

300: Not bad, but not as funny as I expected. Basically way too gory, not enough really good parts, and the end was a bummer.

Waitress: Andy didn't want to watch this. I didn't want to watch this. But, I'm really glad I did. Sure it was really sad, and the whole movie was a predictable downer, but it's worth it, I think.

National Treasure: Saw it for the second time, and it was still just as good. I always like watching the previous movie before seeing the sequel.

Silver Streak: Everyone liked it but me. I thought the story was slow, and Gene Wilder is funny, not an action hero. Read the wiki and then just watch the last 45 minutes or so.

Superbad: Aptly named. Worse than expected. And worst of all, made me feel old because it's probably the next generation's American Pie. If so ... we are in a sad state of affairs, my friend.

National Treasure 2: Just as good as the first. Exciting and funny, though I could have done without the "waah, we broke up!" storyline.

The Fountain: Apparently a love-it or hate-it sort of thing. Beautiful to watch, but hard to get the storyline out. Too artsy-fartsy for me.

The Notebook: I'm not a fan of teenage girl romantic movies. I'm sure this one spawned hundreds of prom themes. I thought it was just an updated twist on the same tired story (and Andy agrees), but everyone else liked it. Which made my mom call me cynical. I prefer realistic.

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