Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Look! Barbie shoes!

OK, now I really need to clean out the closet.

{edit: OK, now that I've confessed to buying these, I can post the funny story. I bought these after a failed Victoria's Secret shopping trip at the mall today with one of my coworkers. She kind of tried to talk me out of them - the heels are a little high (but not as high as the ones I was already wearing), where would I wear them, etc. After watching me shuffle up and down the aisle (they were attached with elastic), she said, "Well, are you going to buy them?" I tried really hard to find fault. They're not Xhilaration (remember the 80s/90s perfume?), so they don't immediately hurt. And now that they're sitting on my desk, they might just be too cute to wear.}

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