Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy new year!! I can't believe it's 2008. As I'm nursing a ... ahem ... "headache," and the painful loss of my team at the Rose Bowl, here's 2007:

  • Finished the first year of MBA school at USC. Ouch.
  • Visited Alaska and Canada on my very first cruise.
  • Andy's graduation (our third together!).
  • Our parents meeting (and getting along wonderfully).
  • One-year engagement anniversary and seeing Wicked at the Pantages.
  • My grandmother's 80th birthday.
  • A whole year as a cost accountant.
While most people are making their new year's resolutions, I'm pretty much figuring out what I have to do - not what I aspire to do! So instead of resolutions, I say go ahead and make your new year's action plan. My dad asked me today what my 5 year plan entails. I guess my 5 year plan is squished down in to about a year and a half, starting with 2008:
  • Finish my MBA in December. Actually, I think that's a goal for everyone in my family!
  • Really, finally, and for truly get my rear in gear for the wedding. That means a lot of things. But, I have my new Martha Stewart Wedding Planner loaded and ready to go (thank you Dan!!!). This means getting some save-the-date cards designed (because I'm just not quite happy with the existing options).
  • Mexico for Thanksgiving. Sounds like a weird goal, but I can't think of a better way to spend those few days than laying on the beach and relaxing.
  • Taking better care of myself, which is a multi-point action:
    • Exercising. I get achy when I don't do yoga enough, and it's been almost 2 weeks now. I also want to beat a 30 minute 5k, and this year may as well be the year.
    • Taking better care of my general appearance. I don't want to be super-skinny, I'd much rather look like the models in Fitness magazine.
    • Also, using good products and putting some effort into my makeup. Wearing properly-sized heels instead of lazy flats. And purging my closet of old, cheap, icky, or not-flattering clothes while trying to get a couple of pennies out of them from Buffalo Exchange.
I'm feeling a little lethargic tonight, so I'll update with my current to-do list another day.

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