Thursday, January 17, 2008


I've been looking forward to today for a couple of weeks.

  • I got my first pick rotation! I get to go to business systems in March. The new manager told me a little bit about the job, and it sounds a lot like my database class from last semester. Great stepping stone!
  • I was really wedding-stressed lately. Then I decided, I'd rather put in some of my own money and have something I love and won't feel disappointed about later. This means a lot of money, but I haven't regretted any of my recent big purchases lately.
  • Business law is going to be easy. We even got out early! (Shh...)
  • USC has a free mixer on Thursdays with free beer & food.
  • My classmate from last semester is in my law class, and is having a little girl! She also offered to help myself and another classmate with some of the work in my Spreadsheets class.
  • I have a short list of non-stereotypical MBA student friends, and that is awesome.
  • The school week is over!

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