Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I'm halfway through the first week of the spring semester! This time next year, I'll be submitting my coursework for graduation approval (and winding down my final single days!). Another momentous occasion: I pulled my last 2" binder from the bookshelf. Why momentous? That means this is the last, three-class, full time student semester!

Globe: I'm a little overwhelmed by the combined 33 pages of syllabi for the two sections of this class. Ultimately, the work shouldn't be too bad, but 33 pages?? I don't know what company I'm studying, or who is in my work group. The first class was strategy, strategy, strategy.

Designing Spreadsheet-Based Business Models: Despite my professor's constant insisting that this is not an Excel class, we spent the full three hours on ... Excel. Easy, only because I know how to reference cells. Also, I spend a lot of my (all of my) time at work using subtotals, lookup, etc. I got the feeling I knew more about the lookup function than the professor did.

I still have Business Law to go tomorrow, but I get Wednesdays off. I got my books in the mail today so I'm ready to hit the semester.

In other news, I should find out what my new work assignment is tomorrow. Cross your fingers for Business Systems!

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