Sunday, January 13, 2008


Like every other mom with a child obsessed with Ratatouille and searching for it on Yahoo! food, I finally got around to making some tonight. It's literally been the #4 most popular search almost since I started using the site!

I used my Betty Crocker recipe, since that seemed the easiest. And I cut out the bell peppers - I'm just not a fan of those. It's truly easy to make, but I can't imagine what kids think when they actually see what it looks like. Even I was not looking forward to trying it.

Andy and I sat down and each had a (rather small) bowl, and it ended up being pretty good! It's not our typical frozen vegetable mix, was tasty and warm, but would have been better as a side dish with fish or chicken. In fact, I might try making it with eggs and cheese like this recipe suggests - and bread.

Tasty, but not pretty.

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