Saturday, January 12, 2008


This week was not a good way to start the new year.

Work was otherwise uninspiring. By Friday I had to wear my glasses after spending the week staring at the computer all day. I'm a little disillusioned with having done the exact same thing for the past 15 months. Next Thursday we're to find out our new jobs. And, there could be a fight brewing.

I start class on Monday. This semester I'm taking:

  • Globe (required, no way around that!)
  • Designing and Building Spreadsheet Models
  • Legal Environment of Business
My two electives were carefully selected on the basis of having <4 on the "challenging" score (plus, confirmation from past students). On the other hand, I'm really, really tired of school. Taking three classes at once is exhausting and not good for one's health. I have the photo evidence to prove it! The syllabi for my two electives haven't been posted, so I really don't know what the schedule is on those. But I spent last week slowly eating through four long, convoluted articles on globalization ... and I realized I wasn't really in the mood.

The topper for this week: the program fee for the international trip was due Friday, not in May when the grades and bills are settled. I know, I know. "You're getting an MBA for free, don't complain!" Well, when you don't make that much money to begin with, and suddenly have to withdraw $3,000 from your very slowly growing savings account, it's tough. Add to that I have to front the money for books, and our Disneyland annual passes expire this month. I was pretty bummed Friday.

We spent today looking at wedding reception sites that I had researched. It was a beautiful day, and Andy took some amazing pictures, but the most beautiful of the places we visited was far outside our budget (not saying I won't make an appointment, but it is a lot of money). Why are weddings so horribly expensive??

There were good things that happened this week. And check the other blog for our wedding updates. But I'm actually looking forward to next week, because I feel like I need to try again!

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