Sunday, January 6, 2008


I spent all day Friday at work thinking about a trip to Paris. Mostly because MSNBC was telling me all about the best of Paris and a combination trip to Paris and Amsterdam. I guess I was just tired of the dreary weather, because a trip to rustic Catalina was looking pretty nice too.

I'm sure you've heard on the news we're getting disastrous rain, but it didn't really start until I left the gym around 5:30. I had to run 25 minutes and 10 minutes on the real stairmaster because we had a pizza and movie date, and I had to make up for all the Goody's pizza I knew I was going to eat! We ended up driving around all over to find Shaun of the Dead at a local Blockbuster, and I'd vote the pizza and Asti champagne really made the movie worthwhile. Oh, and Simon Pegg's face makes me laugh.

Saturday we got up and Andy made pancakes. We spent the day doing laundry, and I went through all of my wedding stuff that had accumulated over the fall semester, started cutting out pictures I liked, and organizing them in my planning binder. I don't have any more decisions made, aside from the save the date card design, but at least I feel organized and ready to go. For dinner, I made Spanish rice, black beans, and spicy beef for burritos. Not bad for my first try! But I don't think next time I will double the rice recipe.

Sunday was a crazy kind of day. It rained all of Saturday night, and let up in the morning, so Andy thought it would be a good idea to go on a little hike. Despite my saying that hiking during the worst weather we've seen in 3 years, the thunder we heard right before our friend met up at our apartment, or the nearly pea-sized hail that fell just before we got out the door, we went hiking. I was lured by the White City remains - the story is really fascinating. It was only a 5 mile hike, but I felt really out of shape on the way up. Lucky for us, it only rained a little. The trail was surprisingly really busy given the conditions. Afterwards, we went to Big Mama's Barbecue, which was on Lake in Pasadena on our way out. The restaurant was empty, the food was fantastic, and we saw San Diego pretty much win it against Tennessee. We exchanged pictures and made hot chocolate before our friend left, I called my parents (to let them know we were not actually evacuated, flooded, or without power), and spent the evening getting ready for the week.

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