Monday, January 7, 2008


Normally, at work, I work. But today, while I was running queries, I was really dreaming about my bakery. Pink walls, white iron tables and chairs, yellow cushions, and a white counter. And people would come in for their morning coffee and a muffin or cupcake, and I'd make special-order cookies.

On a side note, I'm willing to make monogrammed sugar cookies for your wedding (or whatever). Cheap.

Then I decided I wanted to make a tart. So Andy and I went out to the grocery store for some necessities, came home, and got to work. I used this Martha Stewart strawberry tart recipe; but, strawberries just aren't in season. In fact, our grocery store is really ghetto and was actually sold out of a lot of produce. Sure, probably not a lot of people are interested in buying zucchini or eggplant this time of year, but you'd think they'd have something. Anyway, for breakfast tomorrow, we're having a peach tart.

On top of that, while we were out, we stopped by Wal Mart to buy a cheese slicer (don't ask). Andy had decided that my hand-held kitchen mixer just wasn't cutting the mustard, even though I like it and think it's cute. So he bought me a new, fancy, six-speed, double mixer. And it literally pureed my tart filling. Yay for fun presents!

I know - I get excited about weird things. But I'll be having sweet dreams of what I can do with those six speeds.

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