Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Today was kind of a downer of a day.

  • Normally I wouldn't say anything about work, but running queries and then analyzing the results gets boring after the first week. As is looking for paperwork that is so old, it smells like a library. On top of that, someone camped out in my cube for an hour.
  • I'm kind of fed up with our local Von's, so I planned on stopping at an Albertson's on the way home from work. Turned out, the store I stopped at on Seal Beach Boulevard is closing, and had nothing in the way of what I was looking for (strawberries, eggplant, and zucchini). Which meant another stop, when I was trying to meet Andy at home early and I was already tired.
  • All the shoes I like fall in to the following categories:
    • $50
    • Sold out in my size
    • Does not come in a size that fits me comfortably
That being said, there were a couple of good things that happened today:
  • I actually found eggplant, zucchini, and strawberries (though not in their peak condition) at the Seal Beach Ralph's across the street. All that because I thought it would be fun to make ratatouille!
  • I printed a couple of pictures using Wal Mart's online 1 hour printing, and they were ready for me to pick up after work for 48 cents. I'm sending pictures of my using her spatula (a Christmas gift) just for fun.
  • Taco Tuesday!
  • While I was across the street, I bought a cheese slicer from Linens & Things. They do indeed take competitor's coupons.
  • After dinner I finished the fruit tart I was working on for Andy's aunt and uncle. I did my best to spruce it up a little too! The recipe came out so well, I'm going to make it when my mom comes out to visit.

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