Sunday, January 6, 2008


Who would have thought I'd still be busy, even when school wasn't in session?

Up this week:

  • Check up on my Paste magazine renewal and gift subscription. Why do magazine subscriptions take so freaking long to process??
  • Try to make it to a Talbot's to return a shirt. I'm about 30 years too young for that store.
  • Make a list of reception sites to visit (next weekend??).
  • Wash my car. Although, that might not be as necessary any more.
  • Register for the Crate & Barrel registry party. Finally, time for me to start feeling like we're actually getting married!
  • Buy a 16.5" x 21.5" frame for my Keepon poster, if nothing else but to get it off the floor.
  • Investigate the Disneyland half marathon. I think I'd really like to do it again, but hopefully not in 85 degree weather.
  • Start my class reading. I have a bunch for my first Globe class, but I don't even know what books I need for my other two. I plan on buying those Monday.
  • Work, of course, and bring something for the rotational potluck Friday.

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