Wednesday, January 30, 2008

To do

There's always stuff to do. The current list:

  • Sign up for the Disneyland half marathon, and hope that it isn't full yet. I need two more days for my new credit card cycle to start!
  • Finish my taxes. I'm waiting on one form.
  • Copy some photos. Really, who doesn't give you the digital copies any more?
  • Visit Ikea. This is a multi-purpose trip: investigate their bowls, candles, frames, and shelves. I've heard Ikea is a wealth of wedding-related items at very good prices.
  • Find $1. I bought two boxes of girl scout cookies (those lemon coolers really sold me), and I like to have the exact change in cash.
  • Do my homework assignments: Globe reading, Globe assignment; Law reading; Spreadsheet homework assignment.
  • 5k packet pickup and race!
  • Sell/donate my clothes. I keep having this feeling that they're really expensive, I shouldn't just give them away, etc. But I keep forgetting that I always buy things on clearance, and that "expensive" shirt from Express or the Gap likely cost about $5.
  • Decide which optional side trips to take in Japan.
  • Use up the syrup from my failed Master Cleanse attempt and make maple syrup candy. Yes, replace a diet with candy.
  • Go to the ATM.
  • Unearth my desk.
  • Clean up and organize the apartment: get rid of things I don't want any more, and organize things so they're easier to move!

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