Friday, September 28, 2007


Eep, I'm behind!


Well, the last quarter of the year is swiftly approaching (Yippee!). I'm surprised how fast the whole year has gone. But unfortunately that means I get every random accounting question at work, and "urgent" requests for reports people should have been keeping since 2001. These reports are why I'm whining about my achy hand. I hope things key down soon...

I still like going to yoga, but I'm starting to get a little weirded out by the men who always seem to want to be right behind me. It's made me a little uncomfortable in class. So I guess I have to try to be even more vigilant about where I set up. I wish I could go running instead.

I'm back in the mood to just get rid of all of my clothes. It's not like I'm wanting to buy all new clothes, I just have way too many. My long black Gap dress sold out over the weekend, and I was bummed this morning because it seems that everyone likes to make fun of my blue and white striped Old Navy t shirt (to be fair, it does look like I'm going sailing). I've been poking around eBay, but it doesn't seem that used clothes sell very well. I guess that means I'm tuck with the consignment store.

I hate fast food nutritional information charts. They usually show the total in grams first, then calories, so if you're not looking at the column headings it's easy to get the grams and total calories confused. So, I had Carl's Jr. (please note the hysterical "Flat Buns" song) for dinner - the smallest famous star meal they offer. But when I went to put it in, I was shocked by the calories! On top of that, all the grease and not having soda in days made me ill. It was too bad, too, because there are usually company presentations before my class, and they leave us the leftover food. I could have skipped the whole thing.

Database management was kind of painful, too. I read and studied (most of) the book, so the lecture was kind of tedious, and my professor caught me zoned out. It wasn't that I didn't understand, I just didn't want to hear it any more! Plus, unfortunately, we have a "surprise"
extra class session this Saturday, plus an "in class, closed book and note workshop" that is 20% of the course grade. Translation: midterm!! I didn't get home until extra late, but it was more because I spent my free time catching up with friends. I realized on the way home that I have a lot of issues.

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