Friday, September 28, 2007


I got up even more extra early to go to the store before work. Today was one of my newest coworker's birthdays; she just graduated, moved to southern California, and started working. We usually decorate people's cubicles and bring in treats, but since she wasn't expecting the ...
extent ... to which we decorate, it was an especially happy surprise. Just that made the lack of sleep worthwhile!

Also, I came to the horrible realization that in my rush to leave the house, I forgot to put on any makeup. So I had nothing but my yucky old St. Ives collagen moisturizer on that's so old I doubt it does any good. I spent a few minutes this morning with my Clean & Clear concealer stick (which they don't even sell any more) and hand held mirror trying to fix up some ugly spots. Since when do grocery stores not sell cosmetics???

I also had a pretty good day answering and correcting all kinds of questions. Hooray for ridiculously anal record keeping!

We also went out for lunch to Mario's. It's not quite Baja Sonora, but it's really, really good. And, amazingly, a tostada is not very high in calories. Beans, yes, but it must be canceled out by the lettuce. I ate so much I'm going to have to try and flush it out with water like I did the Carl's Jr.

About 3 pm I checked my school email and found out that my class was canceled because my professor was sick! I mean, I feel bad my professor wasn't feeling well, but suddenly I had a night off! So I skipped on home the usual time, and went for a brief and pitiful run. I was so exhausted from the late night and early morning that I didn't perform up to my usual standards. Came home, showered, and we went out to the Lakewood mall for shoes and birthday gifts. We ended up not finding shoes, but I did find the perfect scrapbook for my race stuff (30% off! thanks JoAnns!) and a couple of birthday gifts. I was kind of disappointed by the selection. Plus, we window-shopped at the Alfred Angelo. We were just happy to have some unexpected time together, and Andy was so happy we went to Outback for dinner! I had the lobster and crab cakes, which, by the way, are not good for you at all. After all of that, I came home and fell asleep.

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