Friday, September 28, 2007


Whew, almost caught up.

Andy bought my ticket to Omaha for Christmas this morning. I can't wait!

Today was another quiet day in the office. That's usually how it is before closing, the calm before the storm. It was a gloomy day; the kind where you want to stay in bed with a book and some soup. We lazily called in an order to Pei Wei for lunch. They're terrible in that each dish is two servings, and even one serving is a caloric crime. I completely forgot my leftovers at work, too. Then I waited for the day to be over.

My mom called and left me a message in the afternoon, and after work I called back. She was excited about the card I sent for my grandma. Apparently it came out very well and high-quality! I used a photo from my birthday of Andy and I - that seemed the most appropriate. She loved it! At about $3.50, it's a really convenient service; Shutterfly will mail it directly for you. I will have to keep that in mind the next time I need cards!

Yesterday we got served with our first rent increase since we've lived here. It was only $30, and we may be moving not long after it takes effect, but I'm still not that happy about it. I wish we lived somewhere that was really ours, and in a better neighborhood. Plus, it'd be nice to live somewhere that had covered parking for my car; it'd save a lot of time in the morning if I didn't have to wipe the windows off.

After I got home, I didn't feel much like running, so I did yoga instead. I haven't done that particular video in a while, and it reminded me of college. Those were good days, once I got things in order.

I had just a salad for dinner. Greek style, of course! Then it was back to work on my ERDs for my review session, and a very long group meeting about our case assignment. I know, everyone's favorite way to spend a Friday night! After the meeting, I started reading Critical Chain. It's ridiculously cheesy, but I have only a few weeks left to read it!

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SKI said...

cheesy? goldratt has been called a lot of things, but methinks this is a first! {grin}

why do you need to read it?

in the constraints management world we tend to call his biz books "long on fluff" ... but there is a lot to comprehend between the lines.

it is one of my favs; if (and if) you need to make something happen.

wow, i just had a thought. after you read it, you might change your life and blog to 'resultsgirl'!

keep on blogg'in.