Saturday, September 29, 2007


This morning I got up bright and early for my review. Andy made coffee while I got ready and out the door. It always surprises me how I manage to mess around in the morning and get out the door late.

The review session was ... OK. I regretted not buying an all-day parking pass, because with the new train construction, more than half of the super-cheap parking meters on campus are gone. Next semester. It's worth $40 to save myself the supreme irritation of driving around looking for a parking lot, giving, up, and paying $8 for a few hours. Anyway, the review went the whole two hours it was scheduled, but our group meeting was quick and painless afterward. One of my group members went to Redondo to see the artist who draws those fantastic three-dimensional chalk drawings like this:

I ended up home early, and stopped in to Michael's to look for birthday gifts. I didn't see anything that I was looking for. Then I remembered Ross usually has amazing picture frames (I won't say for who!) but at that point I really wanted to get home and start my paper. I reviewed Andy's photobook of Alaska, and finished the paper after a couple of hours of straight work.

Based on TMZ and People magazine, it appears that nothing happens in LA on the weekends.

Talked to home again. Did I mention before that I haven't made any wedding plans? I don't think I've made this clear to everyone. And yes, it is a mere year and a half away.

I went for a pretty slow 2.75 mile run in about 30 minutes. I love how many calories running burns! As for the diet, I've lost hardly any weight at all. But, just that little bit has been very good. My "bad" days seem to be negated by all the water I've been drinking. And I mean a LOT of water! But, my skin doesn't seem as dry. After my shower I cleaned, because I was still stressed from the phone call, the lack of time I have for the people I care about because of school, and being the world's worst wedding planner.

I made beef & broccoli with rice noodles for dinner. I haven't had that in ages! While I ate I looked up reception sites and read over my groups' papers. Apparently the thing to do is hang out in your driveway and play music really loudly from your car. Of the ranchero variety.

We had another group meeting to talk about the paper, and I finished up a couple of slides for the presentation. Then I went back to reading Dealing with Difficult People for my self-help class. I find it hard to believe that there are only 7 different kinds of difficult people - maybe I could write a followup book and add on some of my own.

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