Wednesday, August 29, 2007


One last class before the 6-day marathon is over. I'm exhausted!


  • I had planned on wearing my blue turtleneck and black pants for my video interview today (not for a job!). But the shirt was too short for my baggy pants, so I switched to a plain white top. That's right. I should know better. Not only did I look ghostly on screen, I spilled leftover coffee from last night on it. Luckily that was out of the frame. Why did I have to wear black pants? Because I wanted to wear these:

They don't look as witchy in real life. And they're insanely comfortable!
  • Had a hectic day. But I think I made everyone happy before I left. I didn't really get to have lunch, and I stayed late. What a good employee!
  • Drove down to school around 5 - the drive to OC is nicer than to LA. What a bummer.
Last night, when I pulled into the parking lot, I felt like I had driven in to a BMW sales lot. And here I am with my dirty, little, 13 year old car. That still needs a wash (tomorrow).

I actually can't wait for tomorrow. It's a friend's birthday, and after work I plan on sleeping. That way, I'll feel up to doing my homework and running the half marathon, and feel a little less like this:

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