Friday, August 31, 2007


Well, I did treat myself to an Old Navy trip after work today. With me, it's usually hit-or-miss; the last time I was there about 3 weeks ago, I was confronted by trapeze shirts and ill-fitting long sleeved shirts. I can't help but wonder who they are using for fit models!

On the way in I saw their Fall Preview sale. Uh huh, everyone who's anyone goes to Old Navy for the clearance section, in the off chance they have something cute and not XXL. The other thing I saw was more unflattering trapeze shirts.

And then, $5 long tanks??? If nothing else, that made it worth my time!

So, if you ignore the trapeze shirts, here are the other things I recommend:

I wanted these, but they didn't have my size and didn't have any that weren't already filthy.

These were so cute in plaid! But I didn't try it on, for fear of looking like I was 12.

I did try on a couple of things from the girls' section, which is a neat money-saving trick. If you're a size 4, that correlates just about with a girls' size 16, or XL. Unfortunately, the sleeves weren't quite large enough for me.

I did buy a very cute work shirt, in slate, with a turtleneck collar and buttons in the back. Perfect for wearing your hair up, and $10!

I even marched down to Tilly's and tried on a rust Billabong dress. Unfortunately all they had were size small, and the medium would have probably been too big. For $23 on clearance, it should be pretty near perfect!

I also bought my school supplies that Target failed to provide from Wal Mart, spending a whopping $5!! I also bought floral wire, so there's no excuse not to make my roses - except now I have to find my tape.

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