Sunday, August 26, 2007


Wow, what a big weekend.


  • Pre-fall all day. Afterwards, I went with a friend to buy books. One of my classes has so many! And they're all self-help sounding, like "how to deal with difficult people" and "living in crisis." Altogether, $352. Ouch.
  • Went to see the Bourne Ultimatum with Andy & a friend. What an awesome movie!!! I think it would have been more predictable if I hadn't been so sleepy. But he's so clever - it's such a fun movie. Right before I got a chicken gyro from Daphne's, but I was too tired and it made me a little sick.
  • 1/2 day of Pre-fall, which ended early. They gave us boxed lunches that were not so good, and then had an extra career session. I really shouldn't go to those, as they really bug me. People are so ... dependent. It rained a little but that meant it was the perfect day for Disneyland!
  • Came home, decompressed a little, and went out to Disneyland. I love it there - everything is so well maintained. We rode the Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean (in the front!), watched the parade (since we couldn't get across anyway), Space Mountain (in the front again!) and left. A very fun time. We'd originally planned to go check out the new pirate island, but it was closed for Fantasmic tonight.
  • Had dinner at Millie's. It's kind of hidden between the McDonald's and Mimi's Cafe on Harbor, and I just happened to spot it on the way to Mimi's. It's fantastic! I had soup and salad - all very fresh, and the chicken tortilla soup was amazing. Ate too much, but hopefully it was all healthy stuff.
Tomorrow I start the regular semester. I'm halfway through my 6 straight days of class. To do, still:
  • Check out the Hungry? guides. The founder came and spoke at my class, and it sounds like a great idea.
  • Look up the Wetfeet entry on Sony. Maybe the CIA too. They're advertising a lot, and I always forget that I want to check that out. (but not super secret agent style)
  • Still need to ask people for guest list additions. I guess I can't be mad if I don't ask.
  • Finish organizing my desk at home.
  • Drive through the car wash. It must have rained while we were on vacation, and my car is filthy.
  • Post an entry or two on the wedding blog.
  • Buy more movie tickets from work.
  • Finish up my grandma's photo book. I'm almost done, with the help of my cousin!
  • Check out the new fall clothes, if they're out yet.

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