Friday, August 31, 2007


I do surveys quite a bit. There are a few trustworthy ones that actually get you some things you'd want. Here are my big two:

Allure Experts

Since I don't have much time to read the magazine, I'm a member of their expert panel. It was by invitation for a while, but now anyone is free to sign up. You earn points, and then once a year redeem them. I did one survey and won a very cute pink makeup bag (that I use to store my colored pens), but have only done one since. The surveys are few and far between and the site is sketchy, but I'm sticking it out because I still love the magazine.

Harris Polls

I get a lot of these surveys, and they're usually short. The one I got today though was very long, but I got a lot of points for it. You also earn points for taking the surveys, and order from a catalog of "gifts." I've ordered a wedding magazine with my points, but haven't gotten it yet - it's been 2 months, but it was free. They have some nice gifts, and they have some ... pointless gifts.

My Coke Rewards

I hate this site. I hate putting in the obscenely long codes. The printing on the can boxes and the tiny lids is near impossible to read most of the time. And I drink a ton of DC, so this should be a really good program for me. It got worse when they "upgraded" the site, apparently for people with ADD and a T1/LAN line.


This may as well be spam. I ordered my Pranayama jacket from Roots, and took a survey through them for a "Roots coupon" - that ended up being a magazine subscription request, much like those scams where you could win $1,000,000 if you just order 10 magazines. Very unfortunate, stay away!

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