Friday, August 31, 2007


Today was a particularly uninteresting day. Not many people were in the office for the long weekend, and the cafeteria was creepily empty at lunch time. I helped some people with their systems problems - and no, I'm not in IT! My IT solutions include:

"Just keep pressing the button until it works."
"No, it won't mess it up more. It's already broken!"

Believe it or not, this was sage advice and saved multiple peoples' day.
I should pursue a career in IT!

To do, for this weekend:
- iGoogle has a nifty to-do list widget. Why am I not using that, and instead carrying around a post-it portfolio (which I forgot today)??
- I'm taking myself to Old Navy for some fall basics and then to Wal Mart in desperate search of basic school supplies.
- Drive through car wash.
- USC tailgate this weekend! Yay!
- Maybe have time before the tailgate to look at Ikea for wedding decorations. I like the Santa Ana store better than the Carson one, but the Carson store is on the way.
- Order one of the Roots jackets I found this week.
- Decorate the dining room with wedding decorations, and blog about it!
- Finish cleaning up my desk at home. My work desk is amazingly clean.
- Make ribbon roses for our engagement vase.
- Order my last book for class from Amazon.
- Run 13 miles!!
- Finish my entrepreneurship homework.
- Check the shipping status of my various gift orders. Boo to the holiday weekend, and not getting things shipped!

Making a to-do list has been really good for me. I've been keeping track of what I'm getting done, and crossing things off feels really good! Plus, staying organized is really helpful when you don't have much time.

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