Saturday, September 1, 2007


Happy September!


  • Slept in until 10 and lazed around all morning. It was great not having to get up early and rush off somewhere.
  • Made a veggie omelet, but it couldn't compare to the one I had in Anchorage.
  • Finally decided to brave the heat outside, and pick up our race packets for Monday. We headed out to the Disneyland Resort to the Health & Fitness Expo that inevitably seems to accompany these things, checked out a couple of exhibits, and got our packets. I seriously considered buying one of these really cute running skirts, but was too afraid of the price to even look (rightly so). Now, I wish I had! After looking at the race route, I started having serious doubts. I haven't trained much - can I really run 13.1 miles at 15 mph??? ::edit:: OK, 4 mph. I was tired last night::
  • Drove up to USC for the tailgate. Really, you'd think they'd work hard to clear up the construction at least on these days. After driving around for probably an hour (not uncommon) we ended up parking for $20 in a garage nearby. The tailgate was probably the most fun I've been to though! I was a little disappointed I didn't get a ticket to the game, but it was nice to come home and relax too.
  • Finished cleaning and organizing my desk. It still has a ways to go, but I've organized more than a few little "piles."
  • Fixed up my hallway closet. I was actually intending to get rid of some clothes, but it was still too hot to do such extensive work. I also learned that I will never buy another t shirt - I have a lifetime supply of free ones from runs and events. And now a really cool long-sleeved tech shirt from the half marathon!
  • Started reorganizing my iPod music. Even though they discourage music during the race this weekend, I really don't know how I will do without it! I really wanted to buy Moby's "Extreme Ways" from the Bourne Ultimatum, but you can only buy it on iTunes if you buy the whole soundtrack. Bogus!! I'd call myself a fairweather Moby fan, so I'm not really interested in a different album. :-(

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