Thursday, August 30, 2007


Where did August go?

1-2: These days count, they were pretty standard and I was working an extra couple of hours a day to get ready for vacation.
3-5: Don't really count. I mostly "checked in" Friday, because I got to work at 6:30, and left at 2 pm. And the weekend in St. Louis went by so fast! I wish I'd just stayed through Monday.
6-9: These days count also; I was working pretty hard at work, worrying about pre-fall, trying to get my homework started for it, and searching all over for long sleeved shirts. For the record, you can't buy even lightweight long-sleeved shirts in Southern California in early August, even if it is back-to-school time. Well - you can at Old Navy. I'd bought a medium black shirt marked "long sleeve" the week before, but when I tried it on ... the sleeves only came 3/4 on me, and the scoop neck was ... extreme.
10-20: These were 10 amazing days on the second-best vacation I've ever taken. Hopefully I'll get a little time to blog about it this weekend, or at least start. Why second best? Well, no one could ever beat Playa Del Carmen.
21-23: These count. I spent them getting ready for pre-fall. I did't realize how stressed out I was about it until after the fact.
24-26: These so count. Why is spending 8 hours at school so much more exhausting than 8 hours at work? Probably because your brain needs to be active the whole time (you know you take mental health breaks at work, don't pretend!) and you really need that weekend to catch up.
27-29: These count as a day and a half each. Without a weekend to rest and catch up, even my most interesting class was painful to sit through.

30: I suppose today counts. I gave myself an extra 30 minutes of sleep, and it was so worth it.

Total days in August: 16.5

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